The Holiday Season is Here

This year's christmas treeIt snowed on Thanksgiving this year.  This is not all that unusual here in Colorado, although this year, we have had very little snowfall compared to past years.  As I was prepping food for our traditional Thanksgiving meal, the snow was coming down pretty hard.  We only ended up with an inch and a half, but as I write this on the Sunday after thanksgiving, it has now snowed every day since then.  We will get another inch or two tonight.

Of course it fits my mood.  I love this time of year, for many reasons.  The cold is good for me, I love the twinkle of holiday lights against fresh snow, I love being able to put on my warm clothes and feel cozy.  I love cookies and treats, I love warm, rib-sticking meals.  I love dragging out the mittens and scarves and boots.  The stores are full of yummy things I can spend hours looking at (and not buy), holiday cards come in the mail, Longmont’s Festival of Lights is happening, and many many people are in a good mood.

Are there downsides?  Of course.  Snow can make travel difficult, and floors muddy and slippery.  Those with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) are struggling with the reduced daylight, and there are all those memories that sneak out of our eyes this time of year.  I call it a case of the sads, my mother calls it the blues.  None of us are really immune to it.  We think about the family that have passed on and won’t be joining us, how our lives have changed since we were children.  All natural, and expected.  I had my case of the sads a couple of weeks ago, with no triggers (that I know of).

But a long weekend can sure help make things feel better, and today I am happy, relaxed, and just taking things at a pace that makes me comfortable.  The big meal is done, the holiday decorations are deployed throughout the house, and I’ve been listening to my favorite Christmas music on my iPod.  Presents are being acquired, cookies are being baked, and while I have a busy schedule, things do feel more relaxed.

The next couple of weekends have events scheduled – next weekend Klown and I get to play Santa and Mrs. Claus for a local real estate company, and the weekend after that is the Longmont Festival of lights that include a night-time parade, and events at one of our bigger parks.  We haven’t missed a year of the Festival of Lights since we moved here.  Santa even drops in – by parachute!

Then it’s just family time, and a regular routine, after that.  I am going to have to make a trip home right after Christmas for my dad’s 80th birthday party.  It will be a short, solo trip, as I can’t afford to do much else than that, even though I wish we could all take a nice week to go home to Missouri and see everyone.  But with the Perfect Child’s wedding coming up next year, I just can’t afford to spend the money.

The holidays are a mixed blessing, for sure.  We spend a lot of money, we get over-scheduled, we eat lots of things that aren’t good for us.  But really, would we have it any other way?

Our Thanksgiving bird!Roasted TurkeyClementine season!

Clementine Season!Decorated for the holidays!

Our House decorated for the holidaysThe Santa Shelf.  This is one of my favorite holiday decorations.


Icicles on garage roof, snow on treesIcicles on the house roof

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